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Tera online fashion coupon

tera online fashion coupon

system? Fashion Coupons, for level 1 or above, cannot trade. It stokke discount was replaced with the Fashion Coupon system, in which many of the 'old' armor looks were reintroduced as costume templates, along with a couple of new ones (as an example, the Ornamental costume appearance could not be remodelled onto another piece of armor prior to the. To obtain them from instances you need to queue for the instance through the instance matcher; premade groups do not receive coupons in the mail unless at least one member has been pugged through the IMS. The Giants in Lorcada and the Kumas' in Scythera Fae have a chance to drop 10 coupons each and are popular farming spots for people trying to collect coupons in a hurry. This item cant be stored in the guild bank. Are there any templates in game that Don't require fashion coupons to purchase? BAMs also have a chance to drop Fashion Coupons in various amounts, with BAMs of level 58 and higher (not including the Fate of Arun BAMs) dropping stacks of 10, and lower level bams dropping lower quantities depending on their level. You do not need to queue for these instances through the IMS to get the coupons to drop from the bosses inside, but you will not get the 5/10 coupons in the mail for completing the instance. Some of these boxes are occasionally to be found on the broker, usually for around 30k gold each (at the time of writing). . So if there is a link with this info in it, that is fine too.

Fashion Coupons, tera, templates

tera online fashion coupon

They do, however, become soulbound to the character you equip them to, so be careful with your purchases. And there are also the 24-Karat, gold and the, sterling Silver ensembles which can only be purchased now from other players. To see and purchase items with your Fashion Coupons simply right click the coupon stack in your bag. You can either buy the completed ensemble costume from the broker, or the individual parts (glove, boot and chest armor pieces) and combine them using the recipe purchased from Tikat, the Federation Bills merchant. Fashion Coupon Galleries, these galleries are organised according to race and armor type. Right-click to open an Exchange Shop window. Still, if you are able to solo Kelsaik for instance, it can be a useful way to farm coupons by yourself, especially if the other popular farming spots are busy. What are Fashion Coupons? Just FYI, I can't follow MMO links at work due to proxy so a copy paste does me more than a link *edit: I found a way to open these links via m it is a slow way to browse but lets me see all. How much do the templates cost? Anyone who still has any of these should note that the costumes bought with them are time limited items (30 days each). You won't be able to move the costumes from character to character once bound.

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